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Let's Explore!

Favorite Activites

Beaver Lake

It's absolutely gorgeous; its why we are here. If you have not had the chance to get on the water and see it for yourself, then I highly recommend you go down to Starkey Maria and rent a boat. It’s worth Every Dime.

The White River

From kayaking to Fishing, the White River is a beautiful place to get lost in nature. Although we don’t recommend one over the other, there are a ton of fishing guides and floating outfitters to accommodate all of your needs.

Lake Leatherwood

The boat traffic on Beaver Lake can sometimes make it difficult to paddle Board or kayak. But Eureka Springs has your answer. Lake Leatherwood does not allow motorboats and is a great place to enjoy a peaceful kayak, paddle boat, paddle board or canoe ride. They also have some good hiking trails.


Another great perk of living here is the hiking trails. I recommend that you download the free Alltrails app and find a hiking trail to fit your needs. Difficult, moderate, easy, we have trails everywhere. There are even hiking trails in downtown Eureka Springs


No, thank you, but if you really have to, downtown Eureka Springs is where you need to be. It's Eureka Springs's biggest draw.

Turpentine Creek

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge | A Non-Profit True Sanctuary for Big Cats. For over 30 years, TCWR has rescued over 400 animals from private owners, roadside zoos, and situations of abuse...


Some person told me there are 38k caves in Arkansas. It seems high to me, but they may not be wrong. We have three caves nearby. War Eagle Cave, Onyx Cave, and Cosmic Caverns.

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